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Everlasting Concepts is one of Australia’s leading caravan brokers.

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one of Sydney’s leading Caravan brokers. At Everlasting Concepts, we bring you the best caravans in Australia. Have you been dreaming about taking a road trip? Are you a camping trip enthusiast? Would you love to take your family on a family trip? If you’re a lover of comfort, luxury and durability, then you have come to the right place.


Jayco has been an Australian caravan manufacturing brand for more than 40 years and spent all those decades producing only the best caravans, made from quality materials. Jayco Caravans are the go-to caravans when you want to take a long and comfortable road trip or if you are a travel blogger and you’d like a permanent home on wheels. If you are looking for the perfect caravan to tow behind your vehicles on your road trips, then buy Jayco!


Coromal Caravans have been in the caravan industry since 1977. It has had enough decades to perfect its brand, producing only the best caravans for various purposes.

Avan Caravans

Another excellent caravan brand we have in stock at Everlasting Concepts is the Avan brand. It prides itself on more than 20 years in the caravan making industry. They have a quality range of campers, caravans and motor homes. They are one of the leading caravan brands in Australia. Their caravans have been built to be as lightweight as possible to reduce fuel consumption. They are built to make it easy for your vehicle to tow your caravan.

Avida Caravans

Avida is one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers. They boast of more than five decades in the caravan-making business. Avida caravans are built with durability and longevity in mind. They have been consistently providing high-quality and efficient caravan designs for years.

Concept Caravans

Concept caravans began the production of caravans in 2004. That’s almost two decades of experience in the caravan-making business. That’s more than enough time to perfect the art of caravan designing and manufacturing. The brand constantly tries to ensure that its customers get innovation and quality at affordable prices.

Winnebago Caravans

Another variety of caravans available at Everlasting Concepts is the Winnebago caravan. They are your go-to caravans when you want quality, luxury, variety, and longevity. Winnebago is an Australian caravan brand that has been catering to the needs of travellers and campers for decades.

New Caravans

Everlasting Concepts caravan brokers offer both online and offline services to everyone interested in buying a quality caravan. We provide you with enough information on our website on the specifications of the caravans you are buying, down to the activities they would be most suitable for.

Used Caravans

Another way you can own your caravan is by buying a used caravan. A used caravan is just as durable, luxurious and safe as brand new caravans. Everlasting Caravans offers you a wide range of used caravans for all purposes. The used caravans we sell go through a rigorous testing process before we buy them.

Sell Your Caravan

Everlasting Concept Caravan Brokers offer a service that allows you to sell your caravans or have them traded in. We buy your caravans at the best and most reasonable price. If you a caravan that has served its purpose, and you’re looking to get rid of it, then you have come to the right place. If you are experiencing financial constraints and want to sell your caravan for quick money, we can also buy it off your hands.

Caravan Finance

There are many luxurious and practical uses of a caravan. Some of them include travelling with ease and comfort, taking comfortable camping and road trips, and being used as a storage space. Finances are a significant reason a lot of people do not have a home on wheels. If your reason for not owning a caravan is purely financial, then you have come to the right place.


A credible way to indemnify yourself against losses, damages or injuries that could occur due to the use of your caravan is to get an insurance plan. You pay a premium regularly, sometimes yearly, to your insurance broker, and they take financial responsibility for the damages or loss.

About Us

Everlasting Concepts is one of Australia’s leading caravan brokers. We provide you with a range of affordable services to make your road and camping trips as memorable as possible. We have been in business for years, intending to provide only the best quality services to our customers.