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Avan Caravans

Avan Caravans

Another excellent caravan brand we have in stock at Everlasting Concepts is the Avan brand. It prides itself on more than 20 years in the caravan making industry. They have a quality range of campers, caravans and motor homes. They are one of the leading caravan brands in Australia. Their caravans have been built to be as lightweight as possible to reduce fuel consumption. They are built to make it easy for your vehicle to tow your caravan.

Avan caravans are made fromhot-dipped galvanised steel that protects your chassis from damages caused by the weather. They have strong aerodynamic exterior panelsand other modifications that make your caravan durable. 

These caravans have handcrafted interiors with versatility modifications that make it easy to balance daytime and nighttime activities. The caravans are serviced caravans, equipped with virtually everything you need for comfort and luxury on the road. There is a 2-year warranty for every Avan Caravan purchased.


The Avan brand gives you a variety of caravans for your travels. Everlasting Concepts has various Avan caravans for you at affordable prices.

Avan Campers

Avan campers are portable and lightweight caravans. They are designed for both lengthy trips and short trips. Its lightweight makes it possible for you to tow it with your small SUV or sedan. They were designed to maximise fuel conservation. Avan Camper have a strong and durable chassis built to protect you from unfavourable Australian climates. They have an interior designed for luxury, furnished with appliances such as a fridge, cook-top, sink and other necessary devices. There is also furniture to make you as comfortable as you would be in your own home. Avan Campers models include AdventurePlus, Aliner, Cruiseliner, Cruiser and Sportliner. They each have their unique features.

Pop Tops

These are full-size caravans with pop-up roofs designed as extra storage space. They have hot-dipped solid chassis and well insulated sandwich panel side walls, and ply-reinforced aluminium outer skin built for durability, longevity and dent resistance. Avan Pop Top caravans have everything you need for a comfortable life on the road. They even have a hot water service. Avan Pop Top caravans include the Aspire 400 Series Pop Top, Aspire 500 Series Pop Top and Ray Pop Top.

Hard Tops

Hard Tops are another type of Avan caravans. These caravans are designed for active travellers. They are big enough to comfortably house families and groups of friends. So if you are an active traveller, then an Avan Hard Top is for you for holidays or business.

These caravans have double glazed tinted windows for privacy, a 12V electric water pump, a burner, house battery and charger, club lounge, USB charging points, hot water service, and many more features and modifications for a comfortable life on the road. Some of the models include Aspire Series 400 Hardtop, Infinity Slide Out, and Avan 600 Series Hardtop.

Avan caravans are luxurious, affordable, and durable caravans that can be used for all travel purposes and camping trips.