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Avida Caravans

Avida Caravans

Avida is one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers. They boast of more than five decades in the caravan-making business. Avida caravans are built with durability and longevity in mind. They have been consistently providing high-quality and efficient caravan designs for years.

The caravans have a five-year warranty that is only active when you service your caravan every six months. A 2-year roadside assistance warranty is also available. This package offers assistance to travellers or campers whose caravans have broken down and left them stranded.


Years of experience in the caravan making industry has exposed the Avida brand to the standard, and unique features caravan lovers would appreciate. Each model of Avida caravan is always better than the last. Avida caravans’ priority is to provide you with the best, installing luxurious facilities you did not even know you needed. The Avida brand is constantly accepting feedback from their clients, and this also contributes to the modifications they make. They conduct general surveys to find out what you would like to have in your caravan that would make your road or camping trip more memorable.


Avida Caravans are designed for your comfort. This includes building a chassis that ensures that you are not exposed to Australia’s harsh weather conditions. The caravans are made with quality materials from trusted suppliers, an aerodynamic design built to conserve fuel, sandwich panel roofs that are strong enough for you to stand on and extreme denial and hail-resistant materials. They have excellent water storage facilities and provision for hot and cold water.


The interior of an Avida caravan is just like stepping into a magazine. It is designed to make you feel like royalty. It has state-of-the-art facilities, appliances, and gadgets that would make you feel like you’re living in a dream. Avida caravans offer you the opportunity to pamper yourself even when you’re on a road or camping trip. There are also many sizes to choose from, and you get to select the one that would make the best house for you and your family or friends.

Quality Control

The quality of an Avida caravan is guaranteed once it has been approved for sale. Avida caravans only approve a caravan model for sale after it has undergone a series of test runs at the manufacturing plant. The safety and comfort of people who use Avida caravans are always put into consideration. To reduce caravan accidents and mishaps, only approved caravans are released into the market. Only the best quality materials are used to manufacture the caravans. Avida caravans are so strong and durable that you can even stand on their roof. The appliances, gadget, furniture and facilities are also the best quality in the market. Everything contained in an Avida caravan, down to the most insignificant, is made from quality materials.

Avida caravans exude quality and luxury. They ensure that you always get your money’s worth. They also offer a package where your first caravan service is done for free.