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Concept Caravans

Concept Caravans

Concept caravans began the production of caravans in 2004. That’s almost two decades of experience in the caravan-making business. That’s more than enough time to perfect the art of caravan designing and manufacturing. The brand constantly tries to ensure that its customers get innovation and quality at affordable prices.

The external features of Conceptcaravans are designed to be aesthetically appealing and to withstand the harsh climate conditions of Australia. The chassis is built to regulate temperature. It keeps the cold out and controls the amount of heat that gets in. The interior of the caravans is also designed to optimise the use of space. No matter the size of the caravan you go for, you do not have to worry about claustrophobia. There is a focus on functionality as well as luxury.

Conceptcaravans have always invested in research concerning the modifications that could be added to the new models of caravansto make you as comfortable as possible. They have also invested in installing some of the latest technology to increase efficiency, quality and longevity. You can be assured that when you buy a Concept caravan, you are buying quality and comfort.

Innovation Range

The innovation range is has models such Innovation 540, Innovation 600, Innovation 550, Innovation 640, Innovation 650, Innovation 705, and Innovation 670. These caravans are spacious and designed for a luxurious and comfortable life on the road. The interior is fully furnished with the best furniture, appliances, gadgets and devices in Australia. All these are available at a very affordable price.

Innovation XTS Range

These models have a Preston Supergal Chassis, an ALKO Enduro suspension system and an interior that reeks of luxury. The interior boasts of Tru-Matt gloss finishes and leather furniture. You also have a range of state-of-the-art facilities at your disposal. Concept caravans indeed offer you value for your money.

Ascot Range

The Ascot range has two models- the Ascot 22’ Café Lounge and the Ascot 22’ Club Lounge. These models boast Preston Chassis, Alko Enduro Cross Country Suspension system with parallel bearings and 245/R16 wheels. They are spacious with L shape lounges and single beds. It does not lack technology, with a powerful and durable battery that lasts for a very long time. Concept caravans see your safety as a priority, and each caravan has its smoke detector, fire extinguisher, gas regulator and a breakage breakaway safety system.

Ascot XTS Range

In addition to the other exclusive Concept caravan features, these modelshave features such as composite aluminium cladding, high checker plates, dual solar panels, and dual batteries. You will never run experience a power shortage if you own an Ascot XTS caravan. It isfurnished to make you feel like a royal.

If you are looking to get a Concept caravan, brand new or second-hand, we have them for sale at Everlasting Concepts at affordable prices. We offer you buyer discounts and incentives other caravan brokers can only dream of.