Everlasting Concepts



Coromal Caravans have been in the caravan industry since 1977. It has had enough decades to perfect its brand, producing only the best caravans for various purposes.

Caravan Touring Series

Touring caravans are caravans attached to your vehicle and towed behind you on on-road or off-road trips. Touring cars and are caravans that won’t remain in a particular position. Coromal caravans produce caravans for everyone who loves the outdoors, either travelling or camping.

Soul Seekers

Soul Seekers is a Coromal touring caravan with 18”, 18’6” and 19” sizes. Each size has its unique feature. At Everlasting Concepts, we bring you the best quality Soul Seekers at pocket-friendly prices. We have all the sizes you want, and we can have them delivered to your doorstep.


The chassis is the external framework of your vehicle, and in this case, your caravan. The chassis of all Soul Seekers sizes are all the same. The best quality building materials were used in constructing these caravans. Soul Seekers have a super weight light chassis, with 2” Raiser, 8” Jockey wheel, 12” brakes, Supagal 4” chassis and a spare wheel.


Soul Seekers are unique caravans with unique modifications. They have a picnic table, an external shower, a mini hatch, black annexe lights, tail lights, radius triple love door and double glazed windows to ensure your safety and the safety of your property, and atunnel boot.


The interior of a Soul Seekers caravanexudes quality and comfort. It is tastefully furnished with an innerspring mattress, flat furniture, and essential gadgets such as a fridge, washing machine, mini grill, TV arm and a Cd, DVD, or radio. It also has external speakers, a gas bayonet and a solar panel. The solar panel is strong enough to power all your gadgets without you ever experiencing a power shortage. There are also two 95l tanks for all your needs that require the use of water. The ceiling of a Soul Seeker is 6’8”, high enough to prevent you from being claustrophobic. It also has a battery strong enough to power your caravan throughout your trip.

Adventure Seeker

This caravan was designed for the family. It comes in 18’6″, 19’6″ and 21’6″, and you can choose the size that would best suit your family. Every adventure seeker caravan has the same specification and modification, and the notable differences are just in the size of each. They are all designed to make your camping or toad trips as comfortable and safe as possible. These caravans are also durable and last longer when they are regularly serviced and maintained.

They have strong chassis with similar specifications to the Soul Seekers caravans. Ithas an external shower, picnic table, mini hatch, radius triple love door, double glazed windows for privacy, and a handy tunnel boot. The interior is even more pleasing. It has a kitchen, bedroom and dining area. There is also a provision for two fixed bunks for kids. This is the perfect caravan for that family trip!