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A credible way to indemnify yourself against losses, damages or injuries that could occur due to the use of your caravan is to get an insurance plan. You pay a premium regularly, sometimes yearly, to your insurance broker, and they take financial responsibility for the damages or loss. At least 40,000 documented caravan thefts occur annually, and failing to get caravan insurance to protect you from the financial burden that might arise if your caravan gets stolen can be risky. To enjoy the use of your caravan for a time, get caravan insurance.

Everlasting Concepts does not offer caravan insurance services because we are not legally licensed to. However, we have third-party relationships with caravan insurance companies that do. Contact us today to refer you to the most credible and pocket-friendly caravan insurance brokers in Australia.

Why Should You Get Caravan Insurance?


About 40,000 caravans are stolen every year, stolen from camping sites, caravan parks and off-road locations. To protect yourself from losing your caravan completely, if it gets stolen, then you need to get caravan insurance. Your caravan can also get destroyed by a fire, an accident or other circumstances. Insurance brokers offer you the “new for old cover”, an insurance plan where you get a caravan of the same or similar value if your caravan suffers any unfortunate circumstances.


Your insurance plan pays for any damages caused by your caravan when you or anyone, with your consent, tows your caravan. Your insurance company pays any cost or reimburses you for repairs or replacements caused by your caravan.


For injuries or deaths caused by your caravan, you can get repaid. Bills that arise from accidents and damages caused by your caravan are covered by your insurance brokers.

Types Of Caravan Insurance Policies

The type of caravan insurance policy you opt for can be determined by what your caravan is used for. You can get an insurance policy either for your static caravan or a caravan you have decided to tow.

Touring Caravan Insurance

Touring insurance is an insurance policy for people who want to travel or take road trips with their caravans. The caravans are towed by their vehicles. On one of your road or camping trips, your caravan can get unhinged due to lack of care when attaching your caravan to your car, or it could get stolen or even destroyed by a storm or other acts of God. Indemnity against the financial constraints that could arise as a result of any of these reasons is provided when you have an insurance plan.

Static Caravan Insurance

This insurance policy covers those who have decided to park their caravans in a particular spot for an extended period. These caravans are parked at camping sites, caravan parks, or holiday resorts. They can also get stolen or destroyed at any point, and a legal way to protect yourself is to get a caravan insurance plan.