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Jayco has been an Australian caravan manufacturing brand for more than 40 years and spent all those decades producing only the best caravans, made from quality materials. Jayco Caravans are the go-to caravans when you want to take a long and comfortable road trip or if you are a travel blogger and you’d like a permanent home on wheels. If you are looking for the perfect caravan to tow behind your vehicles on your road trips, then buy Jayco!

Jayco Caravans have serviced apartments on wheels. They are furnished tastefully and to optimise comfort. Buying a Jayco Caravan exposes you to a most fulfilling adventure.


Jayco has constantly been trying to make even better models than the previous ones, with unique modifications that make the brand stand out. There is a model suitable for every form of road travel, and all at affordable prices.

Jayco J-Pod

Jayco J-Pod caravans are caravans designed for smaller vehicles, and small SUVs or sedans can tow them. These caravans are lightweight quality caravans. They have been designed to make your road trips or even camping trips luxurious, providing you with the perfect blend of the outdoor life and the comfort of your home.

There are two Jayco J-Pod makes- Sport and Outback. These caravans are built to house two comfortably. They contain furniture ranging from beds to tables and chairs to appliances needed to make you feel like you’re at home because you are! They also have compartments for you to securely transport your bikes or kayaks if you are cycling enthusiasts.

Jayco Camping Trailers

These superb and one-of-a-kind trailers were built to comfortably house as many as seven people. It’s the perfect caravan if you want to take your family on a road or camping trip or for a group of friends who have always wanted to take a road trip together. These caravans have a kitchen, bedroom and dining area. It is a tastefully furnished caravan designed for luxury. It is also spacious enough for you to keep your essentials and even more. Some Jayco Camping Trailers include the Swift Comfort Camper, Lark Camper Trailer, and Eagle Camper Trailer.

Pop Tops

As the name suggests, pop tops are Jayco caravans with a unique pop-top feature that allows you to store your property, thereby freeing up space for other things. Pop Tops are large caravans; some Makes housing up as many as 8. These caravans were built for versatility, luxury and durability.


These hybrid caravans were built for off-road adventures. They are strong enough to navigate even the worst road conditions in Australia. These caravans can house as many as four people. It has its bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, with the appliances required to enjoy your stay in nature.

At Everlasting Concepts, we aim to help you make everlasting memories of a luxurious and exciting road or camping trip with friends and family. We supply you with only the best caravans.