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Sell Your Caravan

Sell Your Caravan

Everlasting Concept Caravan Brokers offer a service that allows you to sell your caravans or have them traded in. We buy your caravans at the best and most reasonable price. If you a caravan that has served its purpose, and you’re looking to get rid of it, then you have come to the right place. If you are experiencing financial constraints and want to sell your caravan for quick money, we can also buy it off your hands.

New caravan models get released as often as possible, and if you want to trade in your old caravan for a newer model, Everlasting Concepts can help hell out with that. We give you the value of your old caravan in a similar buy different model. You can also trade in your caravan for a second-hand version. We make sure that whatever services we are offering you are as credible as possible.

Why Should Everlasting Concepts Help You Dispose Of Your Caravans?

Do you need some reasons why Everlasting Concepts should be the brokers to help dispose of your caravan? We ensure that all our business dealings are as honest and credible as possible, and it reflects in the following ways:

We Give You The Best Price For Your Caravan

We carry out an appraisal, and we determine the best and most fair price for your caravan. This appraisal includes the parts of the caravan you have had replaced, as well as how often you serviced your caravan. A well-used caravan will fetch you a more attractive price.

We Save You The Stress Of Finding A Buyer

Finding a buyer for your caravan specifications can be pretty tedious, and a lot of times, most people never find buyers. Selling your caravan to us not only saves you the stress of finding a buyer it also helps you skip all the processes involved in selling your caravan. The necessary procedures such as an appraisal are conducted by us.

Requirements For Selling Your Caravan To Everlasting Concepts

If you have found out that we are the best caravan brokers to help you sell your caravan or trade it in, then there are some requirements you have to fulfil before we begin our mutually beneficial business together. They include:

Proof Of Ownership

A very important step in selling your caravan is you have to provide us with proof of ownership. It can be the receipt or the warranty. When you buy a brand new or second-hand caravan, ensure that you keep your receipt to refer to it later on.

Appraisal and Inspection

An appraisal of your caravan is carried out by our expert employees after you have passed the proof of ownership stage. Your caravan is inspected for damages or impending damages, impending repairs, and the general condition it is in. If you have used your caravan well, it will have a high resale value. That is why you have to ensure that you have your caravan regularly serviced.