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Winnebago Caravans

Winnebago Caravans

Another variety of caravans available at Everlasting Concepts is the Winnebago caravan. They are your go-to caravans when you want quality, luxury, variety, and longevity. Winnebago is an Australian caravan brand that has been catering to the needs of travellers and campers for decades.

Winnebago caravans have strong chassis, with gel-coated interior and exterior walls, single-piece structural composite panelled roofs and walls, and double glazed acrylic windows. The caravan is solar-powered, with more than enough strength to power all the appliances in the caravans, that way, you never have to worry about power shortage. You can have a full battery even when you go camping in the woods.

The caravans also have solid batteries that would not run out throughout your road or camping trip. They have storage lockers for your property and to free up space in the caravans. You are safe in your Winnebago caravan because of its unique and secure 4 point locking and safety mesh. Every area has been taken care of, down to the bathroom details. There are kitchen and plumbing services that would put even a real home to shame. When you buy a Winnebago caravan, you are purchasing quality, efficiency and luxury.

There is a range of Winnebago caravans available for sale. At Everlasting Concepts, we give you easy access to these caravans, brand new or second-hand—all at affordable and discounted prices.

Winnebago Iluka

These caravans are designed for relaxation and class. On your road or camping trips, you deserve a day filled with fun and adventure and a night filled with relaxation and style. Iluka has a large rear bedroom that gives room for easy passage. It has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. This model was designed to comfortably house four people.

Winnebago Kirra

This caravan was designed to comfortably house four people. It has an internal length of 5295mm and a width of 2450 mm. It is large enough to prevent claustrophobia. It has the unique features every other Winnebago caravan boasts of. It is tastefully furnished with everything that would make your life on the road fun, fulfilling and comfortable.

Winnebago Jervis

This is another superb Winnebago caravan that comfortably houses four people. It has optional dinette features, a well-furnished entertainment area with state-of-the-art gadgets and appliances, and a twin bed feature.

Winnebago Coogee

The Winnebago Coogee has a full-sized queen island bed and an optional over-bed. It has an electric slide-out panel that expands your sleeping area and ensures maximum comfort. It has many more unique features you would just love. Why take a road trip if it won’t be in the style and luxury offered by the Winnebago Coogee?

Winnebago Byron

This is the perfect caravan for a family or trip or a trip with your friends. The Winnebago caravan is large enough to comfortably house six people. It has large open living spaces in the living area and the rear club lounge that can be transformed into a large bedroom. It is also well-furnished.